Handling & Assembling

Linear Motors

Handling & Assembling

In the global competition the “time-to-market” period has become an increasingly promising factor. Shorter innovation cycles and large model variety are the greatest challenges. To meet these requirements, it is necessary to have a flexible production with intelligent automation solutions.


Main approach for more efficient production systems are modular systems in which elements can be reconfigured easily. The integration of additional modules with new functionalities into existing lines should be easily implemented with the aim to increase the reusability of the production plant. In addition to an increased flexibility, a modern facility requires a maximum production speed and a secure traceability in the form of a complete electronic process documentation.

With freely programmable and highly dynamic linear motors, the plant engineer finds the optimal components for a modern production machine.


The wide range of existing applications with Komp-act drive technology shows, that the productivity and flexibility of automatic assembly and handling systems is increased significantly.


The range of applications covers all possible drive tasks:

  • Feeders
  • Transfer systems
  • Pick & place modules
  • Palletizing units
  • Stacking units
  • XY tables
  • Precision pressing
  • Sorting systems
  • Automatic screwdrivers
  • Metering units
  • Gluing stations
  • Quality assurance
  • Test fixtures
  • Camera positioning
  • Lighting positioning
  • etc.

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