KOMP-ACT linear motors is the new born of the actuators family. It is the most powerful, efficient and compact design for mainstream application requiring average precision, medium to high speed and good to high cycling rate. It works at 24 or 48 Volts, it is the most efficient actuators of its category, dissipating only few tens of Watts. It offers a compact and built-in design, (do not require heat sink or fan), to work at stroke up to 400 mm. Available in two model with different axial length which offers different forces up to 90 N.

Synchronous linear motor KLM-40-OF2

Synchronous linear motor KLM-40-OF4

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Based in Switzerland, KOMP-ACT designs and engineers energy-efficient, lightweight and programmable electric motion automation solutions which can be easily integrated into new and existing industrial machinery for increased output and reduced operational costs

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