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Compact, lightweight and modular motion automation solutions

Unique to the market, KOMP-ACTs actuators, linear motors and grippers integrate with virtually any Windows based PC or Programmable Logic Controller (“PLC”) and don’t require a proprietary programming language. Discover how easily our innovative range of products can be tailored for your machinery.

Linear Actuators
Linear Actuators

With speeds of up to 2 meters/second, 12mm in shaft diameter and 40 mm in stroke length, KOMP-ACT’s KLA-40 product line consists of two actuators varying in force and performance.

Linear Motors
Linear Motors

With up to 25% more power than KLA series, 16 mm in shaft diameter and programmable multi-stroke steps up to 240 mm in length, KOMP-ACT’s KLM-240 product line consists of four actuators varying in force and performance.


Featuring exclusive iron-core construction, KOMP-ACT’s electric direct-drive grippers are designed for faster acting times in high-speed applications and medium accuracy industrial use cases.


Allows actuators to interface with most PLCs and ACT Software

Act User Interface

Our intuitive Windows-based software allowing you to program and customize all your actuator and gripper parameters.

Demo Kit

Try before you buy! Our KOMP-ACT Demo Kit includes everything you need to get started at a friendly price.

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Based in Switzerland, KOMP-ACT designs and engineers energy-efficient, lightweight and programmable electric motion automation solutions which can be easily integrated into new and existing industrial machinery for increased output and reduced operational costs

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