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Discover our line of Swiss-made electric motion automation technologies.

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Reduction in Machine Energy Consumption

Reduce energy consumption & CO2 emission with a clean technology

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Cost reduction for machine manufacturing

Inventory management, R&D cycle cost, machine setup and assembly

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Increase Machine Operational Speed

Increase output rate and motion reliability

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Longer Life vs Pneumatics

Zero maintenance. Reach up to 30 million cycles

For all industries

New Controller

Your actuators’ powerful friend.
Explore out state-of-the-art electric machines.
Direct Drive

KOMP-ACT electric actuators use “Direct Drive” technology generating fast and repeatable linear motion, without the need for mechanical transmission elements like ball screws, toothed belts or gearboxes. 

Energy Saving

KOMP-ACT linear actuators are up to 95% more energy efficient compared to most pneumatic actuators and at least 50% more energy efficient than any other comparable electric actuator on the market.

Longer uptime

KOMP-ACT linear actuators boast the highest Overall Equipment Effectiveness “OEE” figures to ensure longer, more consistent machine uptime when it counts.

Fast setup

KOMP-ACT’s innovative modular actuator design can be easily integrated onto new or existing machinery and allows for fast replacement with no machine reset or reprogramming required.


When running at full capacity, each KOMP-ACT electric actuator saves more than 1 Ton less of Co2 equivalent per year than a comparable pneumatic actuator.

Swiss made

Like all things Swiss, KOMP-ACT products are engineered for longevity, precision and dependability.

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