About Us

Our Mission

To offer the most compact, cost-efficient and easy-to -integrate electric motion automation solutions.

Our Vision

To cut 50 Milion Tons of CO2 by 2040 by accelerating the adoption of our motion automation technologies.

Electrifying the world, one machine at a time.

At KOMP-ACT, we manufacture the industry’s most compact, lightweight, cost-efficient electric actuators, grippers and accessories destined for the motion automation market.

Our patented electric solutions designed for maximum reliability and performance can be easily integrated onto new machinery or retrofitted onto virtually any existing machinery where traditional pneumatic actuators are used.


Our products are designed and manufactured in Switzerland.

How our story began


KOMP-ACT (short for “Composite Actuators”) was founded by two aerospace engineers and a University Professor with backgrounds in actuators.


Initially specialized in the development of rotary motors and actuators using composite materials destined for the electric aircraft market, our mission shifted towards broader industrial applications after a Swiss-based manufacturer challenged us to develop a solution that would help save them energy costs, maintenance costs as well as limit micro-stops (i.e. “jams”) related to pneumatic actuator operation.

The result? We designed a direct-drive electric actuator that can be retrofitted onto existing machinery, using the same PLC which proved to significantly increase machine runtime while reducing operating costs.

In further studying the market, we also identified that building fully electric machinery from scratch was also quite prohibitive, in terms of CAPEX, due to the scarcity of required components, available form factors and weights, not to mention the extensive R&D costs required to make them all work together.


As we discovered the struggles faced by machine builders and end-user manufacturers, we discovered a world of possibilities by integrating our electric composite-based technology towards various industries such as: Food Products, Wood Processing, Automotive, Textiles, Semiconductors & Electronics, Laboratory Automation, Printing and labelling, Packaging, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Handling & Assembling and more.

Today, KOMP-ACT proudly designs and engineers its patented solutions to put cost-efficient electric motion automation with reach of machine builders and manufacturers worldwide.

This is how KOMP-ACT was born. This is how we’re raising the bar of the manufacturing and robotics industry – and for our planet.

The Team

Salvatore De Benedictis


With a background in aerospace engineering, Salvatore spent part of his career designing actuation systems for aircrafts, such as for the Airbus A350 and leading innovative development project from initial idea to mass production.

Marcel Jufer


Expert in electric motors, actuators, and motion control systems, Marcel Jufer is a former Professor of electro-mechanics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - Lausanne (EPFL), advisor of Seagate Tech Ca (HDD) of 23 years and Co-founder of ETEL, a Swiss company specialized on the development direct drives.

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